Tatlim is a London based brand that states the mixture of modern day contemporary culture by placing a luxury spin on casual wear. Minimalistic, yet statement worthy, the brand tends to focus on a monochrome palette when producing their ready-to-wear collections, while also combining a drop of colour influenced by seasonal trends. Tatlim takes pride in creating premium streetwear in the present days ever evolving fashion industry, catering to both men and women with their gender fluid designs.

Officially established on November 14th 2014, Tatlim often plays on the roman numerals XIV XI as a representation of the day it came into fruition.


Although still relatively underground, Tatlim has been in three issues of British GQ, multiple issues of 1883 Magazine, Pause Magazine and more. With artists, celebrities and a small but global following worldwide wearing Tatlim, the brands presence continues to grow week-by-week.

Shortlisted in the British Fashion Councils New Gen division for London Fashion Week, Tatlim continues to exceed societal and enterprise expectations for an independent brand led by a BAME, one woman initiative. 

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