🌾 Farmers Protest in India

Tatlim is an Indian owned brand, and it hits home to see that fundamental human rights are being violated in India.

The unfair and unjust reform of 3 agricultural farm bills resulted in what has turned out to be the worlds largest protest.

While this protest was a peaceful one, Modi and BJP, the current political party in government, have seen to the beating, assault, kidnapping, rape and arrests of hundreds of innocent civilians. Some even over the age of 80.

Tear gas and water cannons have been used to diverge protestors, while journalists and citizens continue to go missing by day.

While the western worlds’ media sources turned a blind eye, the likes of Rihanna is what it took for the sheepish nature of Bollywood to show their true colours by conforming on Twitter with a hashtag, one by one, expressing the need for India‘s nation to “stick together”.

Water and internet supplies have been cut in areas where planned protests were taking place, and food shortages continue to occur.

Having done our research, it is clear that one of the main charities on the frontline is Khalsa Aid hence we decided to release a new design in support of the farmers protest, where 50% of the profits are donated to them in effort to help and support them in the incredible work they are doing.

Our new design features the words ‘Inquilab Zindabad’ meaning long live the revolution in Punjabi. The launch of these will see multiple colour variations, all created using sustainably manufactured processes.

Pre-order begins today and will allow customers to secure their orders from the first batch of production.

:: Background image credits: @_jk_photography